Our History

Akins Mobile Health-a mobile medical service-was founded in 2019 by Aderonke Akindipe, a family nurse practitioner and wound care expert. In one of her early roles as long term care and Wound care NP, Aderonke took note of gaps in care among vulnerable patients that were discharged from transitional care facilities into their homes. She noticed high utilization of emergency care and the "revolving door" routine of patients with chronic diseases like congestive heart failure and chronic wounds. 

Aderonke believed that lives could be positively transformed by serving vulnerable patients in their homes, assisted living, and residential care environments that were without on-site healthcare professionals. Aderonke formed Akins Mobile Health to serve vulnerable populations in adult family homes and assisted living communities

Meet our Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Kyle Larson, ARPN,FNP, WCC

Family Nurse Practitioner

Originally from Mitchell South Dakota, I started working in healthcare as a certified nurse aide in 2010 in Brookings, South Dakota while studying for my bachelors degree in nursing. In December 2014, I graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in Health Sciences. During my time in Brookings I found my passion for adult and geriatric caregiving that I carry with me to this day.

In January 2015 I began working at Rapid City Regional hospital where I worked 5 years in the intensive care unit with a majority of time spent in the surgical intensive care unit. There I cared for patients with multiple health problems and began to understand the importance of preventive care and chronic care management.

I found inspiration to continue education and enrolled in Clarkson College in Omaha for my graduate degree. My desire was to be able to care for patients of all ages so I chose Family Nurse Practitioner as my specialty. I graduated in December 2019 with my Master’s degree in Nursing and decided to start a new chapter with my wife, who is also a nurse.

We moved to Anchorage in December 2019 and I began working in a skilled nursing facility where I do primary care and wound care. When I am not working, I enjoy hunting, fishing, easy hikes, and spending time with family and friends.



Aderonke "Ade" Akindipe, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, NP-C, WCC

Founder & CEO Akins Mobile Health, Family Nurse Practitioner 

Ade Akindipe, APRN, FNP-BC is a dedicated Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of nursing experience. Her passion for providing high-quality care led her to start a house calls practice. After years of working in the clinical setting, she realized that providing quality care means meeting her patients where they are. She began her nursing career in New York City as a critical care nurse. She worked in the field of Cardiology for many years. She also spent a number of years working in her community as a home care nurse in New York City. There she saw a great need for better health care access for all patients. 
Ade graduated from Maryville University of St. Louis where she received her Master's degree in Nursing. She has practiced in the long term care setting where she worked with patients with multiple chronic medical conditions. She has worked in retail health where she treats patients with a variety of acute illnesses. She is wound care certified to provide expert care to patients with chronic wounds like lower extremity ulcers and surgical wounds. 
She has a genuine passion for learning and is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in nursing and an MBA from the Johns Hopkins University. 
When she is not busy caring for patients, she enjoys long walks and hikes, reading, cooking, and spending quality time with her husband and two boys. 

Diana Photo.png

Diana Palma, RN
Care Coordinator

Diana "Dee" Palma is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines with over 12 years of experience specializing in psychiatry, community, and adult nursing. Her solid background in the field of healthcare, adminstrative works, and customer service are one of her greatest strengths. She spends a good amount of time getting to know her patients' background and their needs in order to provide quality and expert care to all her patients. During her leisure time, she enjoys playing with her pets, watching movies, and singing in a music live stream.

Testimonials from our customers

Beth R.

"Ade is an amazing medical professional! I LOVE working with her"

Anonymous Client

A really welcome service to have here

Diane B.

Akins Mobile health has provided invaluable care and service in their home visits to our patients. We love the many talents of this provider, who can handle anything from urgent care to wound care and the special needs of homebound patients...Fabulous primary care provider who accepts Medicare